Kemptown Osteopathic Clinic

Supporting your recovery in Kemptown, Brighton and Hove since 2003

Established in 2003 by Registered Osteopath Mark Andrews, Kemptown Osteopathic Clinic is the only Osteopathy clinic in Kemptown, Brighton, East Sussex.

At the clinic you can expect a warm, friendly and professional service. You will be treated as an individual, feel listened to and have your health concerns taken seriously. Our aim is to help you get out of pain as quickly as possible, educate you about your condition and empower you to look after your own health.

The majority of people come to the clinic with back pain and neck pain but we specialise in working with a wide range of pain conditions, for a more comprehensive list please click here Osteopathy or on the Treatment tab.

Our approach to your pain problems

We aim to:

  • Give you a clear and rational explanation of your presenting problem
  • Make you a partner in the decision making process about your care
  • Provide you with an individualised treatment plan
  • Give you clear guidance on what you can do for yourself including specific exercises and lifestyle changes
  • Give you a time frame for recovery where possible


If you think this approach is for you please explore this site further, or feel free to contact us by phone 01273 600023 or email where we will be happy to discuss your individual needs.

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