Osteopathy: Conditions treated                  

I specialise in treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. I use a combined approach of Osteopathy with pain education and exercise.

I commonly see people with the following conditions

Osteopathy: Consultation and Examination

Osteopathy is a system of assessment and treatment that attempts to look at you and your health as a whole. Back pain is the most common presenting symptom but by no means the only thing we treat. See the Osteopathy-Mark Andrews page for more details.

In a consultation you will be given time to explain your health issues and how they affect your daily life. You will be asked about your general health, past medical history, exercise levels, diet, medication, work and home life and other factors such as stress.

In an examination you may be required to remove some clothing relating to the body parts in trouble. I will watch you move and ask about stiffness and pain and will also observe your breathing.

I will usually touch the areas of your body that are bothering you and any related parts to identify sources pain or stiffness. I may perform additional clinical tests to help in identifying your problem.

Once I have gathered enough information I will explain the reasons for your current symptoms and any underlying factors that may be preventing your body from healing itself.

I will discuss with you the treatment options available and encourage you to ask as many questions as you like and will answer any concerns about possible risks or side effects.

If I feel you require medical care or investigation outside of my expertise I may recommend referral to your GP or other appropriate medical practitioner with your permission.

Osteopathy: Treatment

Osteopathic treatment is performed by hand. I use a variety of techniques such as soft tissue and joint manipulation, stretching and rhythmic mobilisation of your body tissues . The aim of the treatment is to reduce tissue sensitivity and pain and to increase mobility and circulation for tissue recovery.

I may suggest incorporating other treatment modalities to optimise your recovery, including Western Medical Acupuncture, rehabilitation exercise and pain education. Please see the individual sections on these for greater detail.

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